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stumptown (by abbytrysagain)

west of Iceland (by 曜变天目)


whose dick do i have to suck to suck a dick around here

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mom i can’t go to school today i’m ugly

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Oh god damn it kid, you’re a teenager, stop worrying about every little detail, it will fuck you up, I swear it to you. You’re young, really young and by no means do I want you to screw up your life and by all means do I want you to start living it. I know you get shy sometimes, I get that but for christ sakes, you are going to need to start putting yourself out there, because I know you want to be happy. I am going to need you to not be afraid to kiss a boy and stare at him dead in the eye at one a.m blurting out feelings you have only shared on pieces of paper for months on end, I’m going to need you to stop turning down offers to go outside of your house; I know your bed is comfortable and your sheets keep you warm but the world is much more meaningful outside your door. I am going to need you to know you’re wonderful with everything you do, I am going to need you to not process every sentence you say, just go ahead and say things you think. People want to hear what you think. I am going to need you to be happy again, this is your life. God damn it kid, you’re a teenager. BP (via expeditum)

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